The natural products of our farm
Our commitment to the production of genuine and natural products is born from the love for our land and our traditions. Extravirgin olive oil, legumes, vegetables, fruit, farms, cheeses, are the fruit of our work and our pride.
Typical Umbrian products

The quality of the food is enhanced by the products of our farm.
The "Norcinerie", cheese, legumes presented in delicious soups, herbs peasant,  herbs for delicious roasts, vegetables and meats are
genuine and of  great quality .
Products are simple but extraordinaries,  with wines that have made it famous our land.
Excellent quality: Bastione Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The olive oil Bastione DOP UMBRIA has a harmonious taste, fruity, spicy and  with a component of  olfactory sensations that absolutely we can allow define it as the scent of the real Umbrian oil. This is a special kind of local olives trees for the production of a very high quality olive oil. Our plants live from many centuries on the sunny hills of  Spello, in the scents of the wood, of the wild flowers and of  the herbs,in the precious and unique natural park of the Mount Subasio. The our extravirgin olive oil was awarded as the best light fruity oil at the Mioaa 2021 international competition.

The Flavors Of Tradition

Our farm Sassovivo use the ancient methods of Umbrian traditions,
 that express the full value of natural products for enhancing the quality and rediscovering
the natural expression of the earth without the use of chemical alterations and or industrial technical unknown to our grandparents. The resulting product is of limited quantity and
excellent quality in the full respect of nature.

Most of the products that are used in our recipes are from our Sassovivo Farm. However, everything is strictly the fruit of our land.

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