Il bastione:
perfect balance betweem nature and architecture
The architectures are never excessive. Nature is always the undisputed protagonist.
Let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful sunsets, that every evenings are like paintings on the sky, with different nuances.

In this magical and unique place there is the extraordinary triumph of the encounter between architecture and nature of the Natural Park of Subasio.
agriturismo il bastione di Spello
The portico, with a wonderful view, is the perfect place to have dinner in the fresh summer evenings, accompanied by  the intense smell of the woods and from the silence of the surrounding nature.

Outside Agriturismo il Bastione there are relaxation areas, nature trails and a beautiful landscape.
Sweet and clear is the night, the wind caressed the trees. Over the roofs, over the hills,
the moon rises and shines  and I remember it like a dream.